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Traditional and Heritage Range of Opening Aluminium Secondary Glazing Kits

Opening Aluminium Secondary Glazing Kits

Diy secondary glazing kits: Hinged aluminium secondary glazing kits from Omega Build - We can supply a range of opening aluminium secondary glazing kits. These aluminum secondary glazing units comprise as standard a white aluminium outer frame joined to a painted seasoned hardwood surround which allows for a neat and discreet installation, they come glazed as standard with 4mm clear glass and they are supplied fully assembled and ready to install...

Tips - Six tips when working with polycarbonate.


Datasheet on full range of traditional and heritage secondary glazing units (pdf).

Hinged Opening Aluminium Secondary Glazing Frame colours
Frame colours are also available in:

Van Dyke Brown, jet black, magnolia,off white, light ivory, slate grey, cream, silver anodised and light oak.

If you require other frame colours or glass options please let us know.

Once the units are fitted into your window frame they are fixed there permanently and can be opened whenever required.

Glass Options for our Opening Aluminium Secondary Glazing Units

The units are supplied as standard with 4mm toughened glass. We also offer a range of specialist glass such as:

• K glass- available in 4 and 6mm which is great for heat insulation
• 6mm glass- thicker glass is good for large windows or for sound insulation
• 6.4 and 6.8mm laminates- This is good for security and large windows
• 6.4mm silence glass- This is a specialist acoustic glass and offers optimum sound insulation

Sound Insulation

How effective is secondary glazing? Secondary glazing when fitted ideally 150-200mm from your primary glazing is very effective for sound insulation. It is best to have a different thickness of glass in your secondary glazing for optimal sound reduction. As most primary window are glazed with 4mm glass this means 6mm or 6.4mm acoustic glass or very popular for acoustic insulation.

Test results for acoustic performance (pdf).

Range Of opening units

Horizontal Sliders

This slider is the most frequently used style of opening unit. It is available in two, three or four panelled options. The sashes are fitted with brass rollers, ensuring a smooth sliding action. Twin brush seals provide excellent high sealing efficiency. This will eliminate draughts, increase thermal insulation and improve security of the original window.

Traditional Horizontal slider datasheet (pdf)
Heritage Horizontal slider datasheet (pdf)

Horizontal Sliders Horizontal Sliders

Click to enlarge

Fitting guide video for traditional and heritage range of horizontal sliders 
Maintenance guide for traditional and heritage range of horizontal sliders

Vertical Sliders

This style is ideal to be used with sash windows. The most popular style is the balanced vertical slider as the pre-tensioned spiral spring balances control the motion of the sash enabling variable vertical positioning. Tilt in versions are also available which is useful for cleaning or fire escape access.

Traditional Balanced Vertical slider datasheet (pdf)
Traditional tilting balanced vertical slider datasheet (pdf)
Heritage balanced vertical slider datasheet (pdf)
Heritage tilting balanced vertical slider datasheet (pdf)

Vertical Sliders Vertical Sliders

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Fitting guide video for traditional and heritage range of balanced vertical sliders
Maintenance guide for traditional and heritage range of balanced vertical sliders

Hinged Aluminium Secondary Glazing Units

Hinged aluminium secondary glazing units are very versatile and are ideal where you require minimal sight lines.It is a robust system that can be hung on either butt hinges or concealed stays and is secured by use of a multi locking system. It comes with a tilt and turning option which increase the flexibility of use.

Heritage Hinged Units datasheet (pdf)

Hinged Aluminium Secondary Glazing Units Hinged Aluminium Secondary Glazing Kits

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Fitting guide video for heritage range of hinged units
Maintenance guide for heritage range of hinged units

Lift Out Units

Lift Out Units
The lift out is the most cost effective and basic type of aluminium secondary glazing unit. It simply lifts out of a secured channel.

It is manufactured with a double brush seal which further increases the thermal and sound insulation properties

Traditional Lift Out unit datasheet (pdf)
Traditional Slimline Lift Out datasheet (pdf)
Heritage Lift Out datasheet (pdf)

Fitting guide video for traditional and heritage range of lift out units
Maintenance guide for traditional and heritage range of lift out units

Fixed Insert Panels

We can also supply a glass panel framed with a simple aluminium frame to match the traditional and heritage range. It has no sub frame and is only suitable for face fixing. It can be fixed by screws, toggles or hinged on one side (only recommended for small windows).

Traditional insert datasheet (pdf)

Measuring Tips

Every unit is made to order so it is critical that you give us the correct dimensions. The secondary glazing unit ideally is face fixed within your window recess so the dimensions required are the measurements to the outside of the recess. We strongly recommend deducting 10mm per dimension at least to give some tolerance for fitting. We can also supply the units with a deeper frame predrilled for a reveal fix if you would prefer to fix the unit into the side of your reveal.

Measuring Tips video
General Fitting and Finishing tips video



Customer Comments

"I wanted to pass on my thanks and appreciation of your service and products.

It can be a little daunting sometimes ordering materials from people you haven't met or products you haven't seen specially sheets of perspex!

I am pleased to recommend you all most highly,the packing was nearly as good as the sheeting itself. Tricia on sales was a delight, the help and service you provide is perfect. Buyer of our Aluminium secondary glazing system.

We are already reaping the benefit of our new opening aluminium secondary glazing. A great big thank you."

"Dear Omegabuild, thank you very much for your delivery - swift service - and good customer care - the conservatory roof vents arrived to the spec that I had ordered and were well packaged and in good condition on arrival. How superb your customer service is! "

"Thank you for all your help and support . We have fitted the secondary glazing panels and it has made such a difference. It has not only given us extra insulation but it has draughtproofed our draughty window frames. Our offices are really warm now and we have recommended you to the other council offices. "

"Just wanted to let you know that our polycarbonate secondary glazing panels, fitted in October last year, have been a great success. Our early Victorian house (built in 1850) was very noticeably warmer this winter. Once the house had heated up the heat conserved very well when we turned the thermostat down, whereas before the panels were fitted the heat loss was considerable. It is an excellent solution for houses that are in a conservation area, or are listed, and are not allowed to install double glazed windows.

We have very large sash windows and opted for the OM24 UPVC white glazing strips to hold the panels in place behind internal wooden shutters. They were invisible once installed and the system worked very well. We haven't received our winter fuel bill yet but we expect consumption to be down on last year as a direct result of your polycarbonate panels."

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